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An HTTP client library for Haskell

API Documentation




$ cabal install http-streams

Source code

$ git clone git://github.com/afcowie/http-streams.git


One of the original motivations for writing http-streams was wanting something that would be usable in RESTful web services while being compatible with the Snap Framework that I could use within a web service front-end to make onward calls to further servers.

The latest entry into the Haskell streaming I/O arena is io-streams, a pragmatic implementation of some of the impressive theoretical work from other libraries. io-streams's functions make the assumption that you're working in ... IO, which has allowed its authors to make some significant optimizations. http-streams, then, is an HTTP client library built to leverage and in turn expose an API based on the capabilities of that package.

You're encouraged to read Andrew Cowie's detailed detailed blog post introducing the library and showing lots of examples of how the API can be used.


http-streams is looking pretty usable at this stage. The code has been well tested and considerable performance tuning and benchmarking has been done. You're welcome to try it. We are of course striving for protocol correctness, so if there's a bug in our HTTP code don't hesitate to raise an issue.


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